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Despair. by AnataraKentara
The guilt in his mind would always be immense. Ever since the campaigns in Azania and Congo, he felt it. Then came the nuclear war, the strikes, the invasion. How could he repay the billions dead that he had caused? What excuse could he give? And no matter what answer came, what reason came, the dead kept mounting and the living dwindled. In the end of his days, he stopped looking for a reason.

Quick sketch, pen, 45 minutes.
Death of Secundus due to an Alien Parasite by AnataraKentara
Death of Secundus due to an Alien Parasite
While coming back, already tired and beat down due to fighting a whole base of the cult full of the things, one of the remaining troops falls to a parasite which had grown and eaten inside of him. While they tried to help, his comrades can do nothing more but shot it down.
The war of three gods by AnataraKentara
The war of three gods
Foreword: I don't believe in the Illuminati. They're just a fun story, all in all. Not like the damn name is copyrighted.


Three gods, one species. 

At the end of the 21st century, the bruised world was lead by the surviving superpowers and supranational unions. They eventually led humanity into a golden age that lasted 100 years. But, then, either from before or spontaneous, a small Commodore of the space fleet took over the world, the "Illuminati" - claiming to be illuminated by the stars and to their place in the world, she and her fleet, swayyed by her, took over the relatively sparse system, and in reality only wanted power for herself.

Thus the golden age of man was over.

However, a generation passed under her rule...and rose against her. The "Satanist" revolution for liberty...or a change of power?
And amongst the chaos, always, are those for themselves in the sense of money. Technological and corporate advances allowed for a very grey...then black Syndicate to form. Working with the decadent, power hungry officials of the government and black markets, being a literal stain to power yet tolerated then hunted, they strive just for themselves.

And in the middle of it all, a girl. A young, wide eyed girl, looking for love in all the wrong places. Looking to make ends meet for her poor family, then hating the government. Involved in both the Satanist and Syndicate movement, she falls in love with one and has to sell herself to the other.

They fight for all their reasons. Each other, a cause, a thing...but in the end, all are in conflict, all fight.

Even if the Illuminati fall - would the Satanists be better? Would their leader grant them the freedom and utopia of the golden age, or simply continue the old regime? Would she, the girl, survive at all? Forgotten, used, cast aside, what is her future?

Only time will tell.

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