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Roma, 2000AUC by AnataraKentara
Roma, 2000AUC
Rome as it appears in my Military Scifi/Technothriller/Hard Scfi/Alternate history work, Memento Audere Semper! (Remember to always be brave!)

Roma, on the eve of its 2000th birthday, lies quiet yet aware as the day comes....
See you in the future!

A'int no grave that can hold my body down,
Aint no coffin that can keep me in town!
Aint no amount of time that can break down these bones!
Aint no time to be put under any stone!

I got blood dripping out of my veins,
I got marks from old chains.
I got a date with darkness.
I got a test against harkness!

There are things to be seen.
There are things to glean!
There are things to desire,
There are things to admire!

So no! I won't go to the Grave!
So no! Not while I have a Crave!
So no! You'll have a fight on your hands if you want me to go!
So no! Not while I have a want to know!

How about you go first?
How about you go to the hearst?
How about you quelch your want?
How about you see as I vaunt?

So no! I won't go to the Grave!
So no! Not while I have a Crave!
So no! You'll have a fight on your hands if you want me to go!
So no! Not while I have a want to know!

I got a test with a tube,
I got a test, you rube!
I got a test with a cocoon
I got a test and I'm packing some tunes!

As the dark overtakes,
As the mind shakes,
As the computer beeps,
As the coldness creeps -!

See you in the future.

See you in the future!

See you in the future, yea!

See you in the future - oops!
See you in the future
I'm just a bored little nutter. Here's a song.

Think of some happy-yet-light metal 90s song with that dying guitar riff at the end.

If you can't tell, the message is about Cyronics. A young science - I hope if I have to use it, it'll be perfected.
Memento Audere Semper Cast by AnataraKentara
Memento Audere Semper Cast
Left to right - Pomona, Decius, Zoticus, and Corna all lined up. These are the main characters of my first Military SciFi Novel (And hopefully one day GRAPHIC NOVEL!) Memento Audere Semper! (Remember to always be brave!)
Early Space-Warp Warship schematic. by AnataraKentara
Early Space-Warp Warship schematic.
(Yes, Forward is spelt Foward. I wrote this a bit at night, and eh, semantics.)

With the advancement of technology comes new wonders, but technology, first and foremost, is a tool. How it is applied - is up to the user.

Humanity has had a troubled past. A world that nearly killed them, then invaders who almost got the job done. Were it not for the civil defense programs and space programs that the pre-war world had, Humanity would had had no chance, no capability, to fight back. It did, however, just barely, and the invaders as well were nowhere near true soldiery, but scientists with a guard team, a corporation biological weapons research ship with light manufacturing capability. Yet this killed billions.

To defend themselves from a future menace, humanity had to gain even more capability and expand. The first century after the invasion was this, the second century was to build up on this. Every action, nominally, was for the people as a whole. For the species as a whole, for the planet as a whole.

Fusion technology before the invasion was adequate. It produced a profit. That was good enough. The moons of the outer gas giants were built up for He3 mining, from Triton to Mimas and even talk of expanding back into Saturn, though Uranus and Neptune provided enough He3, it was guessed, for a combined amount of 5,260,000,000 Terawatt Years. As a means to propel ships, it got ships to an impressive .10c - c300,000km/s.

This meant that from Terra to Neptune, taking into acceleration and deceleration, would take around 7 hours. To Sedna, nearly two days. Impressive - and good for keeping the system together. After the war, this became evident, as a few off world colonies, hidden and self supportive due to their role as military bases, stood intact and were crucial for the rebuilding of Earth.

However, the size of the universe would beget a problem. To survive, any species must expand. While the solar system was big, computer technology could accurately calculate the movement of planets, aim across incredible distances, and destroy targets with no warning. This became known as the "Efficent invader strategem" - if the planets were of no concern, or energy, it was plausible that at ranges beyond even the system, weapons could be launched that would turn the crusts of planets to slag, or, with enough energy, destroy them into orbiting debris.

The survivors realized they got lucky. They could not afford to take that chance again. They sent out colony ships and construction ships to the nearest, habitable stars. Such ships, at .1c, would take decades to reach, and decades to send a reply back. This was considered unacceptable by the government. Something faster was needed. Contra-terrene could get a ship to .60c, cutting travel time by more than half, but still it was seen as too slow. A good answer lay in the realm pf physcics. Eventually, by the 2200s, the Space Warp drive was formalized, the energy calculated, the mechanisms made. And by 2240, the first warp colonization ships, then construction ships, then warships were made.

Via folding spacetime with an ultimate control over gravity and energy and various computations, the ship would simply plot a course, and head to it. The ring folded spacetime around from front to behind, technically not moving the ship but moving spacetime. In this way, there was no fear of collision, no fear of impact, however, it did leave the ship a bit blind. Knowledge of local debris and orbits and every such condition were needed. And as well, it needed massive amounts of energy, which even with two fusion reactors, would only provide enough space-warping for about one light-day. And, such ships would have their bubbles 'popped' by the roche-limits of the planets, a limit that would simply put the ship where it reached the limit. For non-bubble movement, these ships were provided with fusion thrusters and Reaction Control Systems for intricate maneuving.

The top limit, as well, did not break the speed of light, but stood adamantly right below it at around .99c. These ships became the mainstay of the civilization, since they could not attack a planet by ramming they were allowed more freely than the older ships, they moved faster. And while it took massive construction of infrastructure to link Sol to the first generation of colonies, it was done in a fraction of the time Fusion ships would had done it, allowing the second generation of colonies to be uniform. The sphere of Earthlife spread now at near lightspeed, giving burps for the construction of needed "rest stops" - refueling stations and infrastructure building - along the way.

The military used these ships albeit like the dragoons of old. They would ride to a position, fire, ride away, back. Since a ship would be at rest when it came out, it would need to use its main thrusters to propel itself to avoid counter-fire, as well, the gravitic disturbance of the ship was easily seen and noted by instruments. However, it was still a valuable tool. As with most warships, the crew was one aided pilot. Not even the pilot - just the brain, connected to the ship and controlling it from there, as had been common parlance since around 2100. (This cut mass and fragile systems on a ship, even though it increased training costs exponentially, it was seen as a good tradeoff)

A schematic of an early Space Warp Warship is seen above, with a listed legend. Specifications:

Length - 95.5 Meters, alone.
Height, Width, total - 52 Meters. 
[Hull height, width, - 15 meters.]
Volume of fuel tankage - 5x2 tanks = 242,920 Kilograms.
Composition - Carbonoid, heavy electronics, electronic shielding, radiation shielding for command module.
Dry mass - c50,000 kilograms
Crew: 1
Weaponry - 8 coil guns capable of moving one gram rounds at .99c.
Defenses - RCS, Carbon-nanotube hull, electronic pulse reinforcement and electronic countermeasures package.

1-Auxiliary craft
2-Command Module
3-Forward Weapons Module
4-Forward Tankage Module
5-Forward Reactor Module
6-Forward Thruster Module
7-Space-Warp Ring Module.
8-Aft Thruster Module
9-Aft Reactor Module
10-Aft Tankage
11-Aft Weapons Module
12- Aft Avionics Module

A-Avionics Service Panel
C-Coilgun Radiator
D-Weapons Module Service Panel
E-Reactor Service Panel
F-Thruster Reactor
G-Avionics and Gravitonal Instrument package
I-Reactor Radiator
J-Fuel Ports
K-Communications and various Instruments


Note: I am not a scientist. I am an author. I like being coherent, but math is not my strong point, nor is advanced science. If you see an error, do point it out, I won't mind. This ship will appear in my second book.

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